"Cerisano sings songs of the hardworking, truth seeking,
men and women with the fire of a Baptist preacher.
With a voice of a rocker, the soul of a preacher.
Cerisano make music that matters."
Performing Songwriter Magazine
         Joe Cerisano has the distinction of possessing one of the truly unique voices in America. Joe has developed a singing style that absorbed and combined a wide variety of musical influences, including Rock & Roll, Pop, Country and Soul, all mixed in with his native rual West Virginian dialect. The resulting combination makes for the classic and original American singer's voice.
Joe's career is the benchmark that all session/professional singers strive for. 
       His career spans 40 years from local gigs in West Virginia to being a Columbia Records recording astist in LA to being lead singer for Black Sabbath for a day.....ya' can't make this stuff up........ plus a lot in between and into the now.

Here’s what a people are saying about Joe’s song Carbon Copy

“A perfect song telling an elegant story. This is what America's all about.”
Bob Ezrin, Producer, Pink Floyd, The Wall and Alice Cooper.

“Carbon copy, Is a great story, It hits the nail on the head. I love it!”
Mike Appel, Former manager of Bruce Springsteen and Producer of Born to Run.

Of the many truly great songs Joe has written, Carbon Copy Is 1 of his finest.
Chuck Cannon - songwriter - Toby Keith, "How Do You Like Me Now!?", "American Soldier",

"Carbon Copy" - a very soulful song from a very soulful songwriter and singer.
The lyrics are very touching and the production and vocal delivery of the song are right on the mark."
Kenny Ascher-John Lennon "Mind Games""Walls and Bridges" John Prine , Paul Simon

Joe Cerisano Documentary

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